For the Love of Sport is NBC's Sports Engine's motto. If you have any connection to registration for a sports team, the probability of using Sports Engine's software is very high.

Sports Engine (SE) is a sports registration software company based in North East Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's one of the largest, fastest growing sports-related software businesses in the world. The software is designed to save parents, coaches, and athletes time behind a computer and get them out on the field competing.

In 2014 Sports Engine met with Adam Turman (Minnesota-based artist and muralist) to create a mural in their office. However, Sports Engine was undergoing a huge growth process which forced them to move to a much larger space and building. Flash forward to April, 2018, with a huge new space, hundreds of employees, and a perfect stairwell (where most employees choose to enter their offices) to paint a mural in.

This mural depicts all of the major sports that SE works with the most frequently. Swimming, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, & Soccer. The over arching concepts is the Love of Sport and the imagery reflects many of the various aspects of sport from playing the game to coach interaction, to family support. The buildings in the background are legendary North East Minneapolis landmarks, and the colors reflect the NBC peacock logo.