Here's an illustration, gigposter, and shirt design for Speedhound Bikes. Speedhound's claim to fame is their unique dropout system on the rear of their bikes. The system is designed in such a way that the dropouts, which are separate from the frame, can be swapped out to accommodate both geared and single-speed style bikes.

It's a really cool setup, and extremely versatile, which appeals to me, because I like options. Options are great.

My direction on this illustration was to take inspiration from an vintage bike poster and modernize it with a cute girl on a Speedhound bike... and incorporated the official Speedhound mascot, Cooper, the Itailan Greyhound.

Above is the entire process from sketch to field shot of the final piece hanging in local Twin Cities bike shop, The Hub Bike Center at the U of M campus.

We asked the guys behind MPLS Bike Love to send us some guys for a group ride and promised them beer for their efforts. In return, they sent friends Adam Turman, Charles Youel, Matt Appleman, and Ben McCoy on a 'bro ride' with Speedhound founder Chris Cleveland. Let the games begin!