PEDAL Art Book - Vol 1 & Stingrays Print

PEDAL Art Book - Vol 1 & Stingrays Print

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Draw, Pedal, Repeat is a new art book curated around the theme of bicycles. This collaboration between four passionate artists & cyclists features over 40 pages of two wheeled art for you to enjoy! This Volume One Edition will be signed by Adam.

Featured Artists: Adam Turman, Jeral Tidwell, Kristina Wayte, and Kyle Sauter

Making this bike-art book even more special, Adam screenprinted a very small and special run of 8x10" prints from the image "Stingrays, Krates, & Fastbacks" that adorns the cover. Adam used metallic gold and black ink. The black ink is hand registered so every print's placement is slightly different, making each one unique.

The prints come in 4 colors and you can select which print you'd like to be included with your book purchase. Each print is signed and dated.

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