Livefront is a smart team of engineers and designers that build beautiful mobile apps. Companies hire Livefront to bring their ideas to reality - on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and the web. And on top of all of that, they're cool and fun to work with.

They hired me to do a series of mural on the exterior, parking lot-side of their building. The wall facing the parking lot is on a one-way street and traffic heads in the direction facing the huge wall. Once in the parking lot, you can see the entire stretch from the mural the welcomes you in the front to the second mural in the rear.

The large mural in the front of the parking lot is approx. 55' x 21' and the mural towards the rear of the parking lot is 23' x 35' at it's peak.

The concept of each mural was to drive home Livefront's brand, and also hint at who they are as a company while highlighting the area in which the business is based. City urban meets nature, meets technology. Livefront's company colors are blue, green, teal, and white. Their color palette and aesthetic was a blast to work with.