Kramarczuk's Sausage Company is a landmark of old-world tasty goodness in Northeast Minneapolis. They've been around since 1954, and are family-owned/operated. They're great people making great stuff. In 2010 they created their Kielbasa Festival. They sell their sausages, perogies, and other foods from their deli, as well as craft beer. Each year the festival has a Kielbasa contest. There have been winners such as the Tater tot hotish Kielbasa, and the Wild Rice Kielbasa... both of which were very yummy in the tum-tum. Surly Brewing Company even partnered with Kramarczuk's to make a Damf Bier Steam Ale, amazing!

I was asked to create the illustration for the festival starting in 2010, and have since reprinted various color varients for successive years, and redesigned the look of the event in 2013. Above are images from print from past through present as well as some process pics.