Adam Turman created a series of murals for the Fairview Hospital in Wyoming, Minnesota. Wyoming, located north of the greater Twin Cities Metro area is home to a small, tight-knit community with a large hospital. Adam painted a large mural in the front lobby area where there is a waiting room adjacent the mural. The mural acts as a place of interest for those waiting for their appointments and represents the culture and activities that Wyoming residents participate in. The apple tree, cabin lifestyle, and marsh land creatures are all images that patients would feel comforted by and perhaps even create a nostalgic ambiance. Healthy living, relaxing by the lake, wildlife, and foliage play a part in the design. The changing of seasons flows through the mural as well.

The Emergency Department (ED) within the hospital has 3 murals in it. The murals are located in the "Kid's Area" of the ED, and is affectionally named the "Dragonfly Area" because of 3 hanging dragonflies that hang in the space. The first mural is on a divider wall, the second on a beam that soars above the space with eagles, and the third is a low wall that surrounds the space. The entire area looks like a little marsh land and allows children a fun place to hang out, play games, and wait for their appointment. It was important to embed the design with lots of color and kid-friendly characters. Ultimately, it is an all immersive setting that brings the spirit out of the typical hospital vibe and hopefully brings visitors into a brighter mindset.